Gmail and the lower case "i"

Has anybody else noticed Gmail’s left-hand folder links now has a lower case “i” on inbox rather than an upper case “I”?

This is the kind of uber-sad thing I notice, and I wonder why it changed all of a sudden. It doesn’t appear to affect all users.

Perhaps it’s because tomorrow is April 1st.

It seems this has also been noted in this Google Groups post.

I’m outraged. OUTRAGED I tell you. In other news, I didn’t have coffee today until THREE O’ CLOCK PM.


  1. I thought I was the only person who’d noticed this! Googled for comments regarding it, nothing yet. I would bet heavily that it’ll be to do with some characteristically creative April Fool’s day joke, will just have to wait and see…

  2. I bet they datamined all the ‘Sent’ folders find people who always capitalise correctly, and only applied the change to those users.

  3. I’d been searching for the last few days to find out why this happened. It’s not the first time though. Glad it’s not just me…

  4. Just found this:

    Seems like it was a genuine mistake rather than an April Fool joke (which isn’t that funny anyway)..

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