HikVision / Generic PoE camera Cat5 colours

If you were to cut into the cable attached to a HikVision / Annke / Generic PoE CCTV camera, you’d find core colours that don’t match the standard CAT5 or CAT6 colour scheme.

Usually we expect four pairs:

  • White Orange and Orange (WO / O)
  • White Green and Green (WG / G)
  • White Blue and Blue (WB / B)
  • White Brown and Brown (WBr / Br)

The colours you’d find in the cable attached to the camera, however, are:

  • Orange and Yellow
  • Green and Blue
  • Grey and Purple
  • Brown and White

So how do they map onto each other?

The below photo answers that question, but if you can’t make out the colours in the pic then read on below:

Excuse the dirty fingers!

For the purposes of Google Fu and if you don’t understand what’s going on in the above photo, here is the mapping:

  • CAT5 White Orange -> Camera Orange
  • CAT5 Orange -> Camera Yellow
  • CAT5 White Green -> Camera Green
  • CAT5 Green -> Camera Blue
  • CAT5 White Blue -> Camera Grey
  • CAT5 Blue -> Camera Purple
  • CAT5 White Brown -> Camera Brown
  • CAT5 Brown -> Camera White

Hope that helps someone!






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