Qype: The Bathhouse in London

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Stranded near to Liverpool Street Station with a couple of hours to kill, Qype iPhone application came to the rescue and I searched the nearest 5 star place for a cocktail.

The Bathhouse it was; and what a place! We were there at a rather odd time of the evening and they were apparently setting up for a private event, but everything about this place excited me.

It’s a little odd sitting in what you know to have previously been an underground bath. Raise your eyes to the ceiling and breathe-in deeply the aroma of its history; I’m not trying to be pretentious in my description here, it really does smell of an old bath house! You can smell that mixture of towels, bathing, sweat, and salt. Sorry, I know that sounds hideous, but in reality it’s utterly charming and lovely.

I am very fussy about the Bloody Mary. The number of times I have had to return a drink because they couldn’t even put a stick of celery in. What kind of Bloody Mary has no celery! I digress – The Bathhouse made me one of the best Bloody Maries I’ve ever had, period. On this basis alone I will be coming back.

Visit – you are in for a treat.

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