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  • Why Windows Mail is actually good

    Why Windows Mail is actually good

    I know, I know. People actually use Windows Mail? Let’s face it. Most of what Microsoft bundles with their Windows operating system is junk. But especially email clients: you have been conditioned for decades into thinking there were two types of mail client: the proper one (Outlook) and the laughably bad one (Outlook Express). I […]

  • Mat’s Mega 2560 Pro Breakout Board

    Mat’s Mega 2560 Pro Breakout Board

    Here’s a new breakout board I have designed and built. If you are interested in any of the following, then read on: 8x IO ports via ethernet jacks (6 IO each, plus selectable 5V or 3.3V power) Vin up to 24V, with double pole galvanic isolation on the input (to allow e.g. quickly plugging into […]

  • Self Build – Basement waterproofing with the Delta Cavity Drain Membrane system

    Firstly – thanks to Liam from Ardex. Great advice – stretching far beyond product advice. Bought my second mixer (Baron forced action) after a conversation with him! Alba from Prime Construction, our Building Inspector. Yes, seriously. They have been amazing with us, not complaining when our 6 month project turned into a 3+ year one. […]

  • I refuse to buy backup software

    So, I’m writing a powershell script that: Uses volume shadow service to take a backup of a directory Compresses the above backup using 7zip / whatever Time/Datestamps the compressed backup and copies it off-server to a given location Looks at the above location and deletes backup zips older than a given number of days (i.e. […]

  • One year today

    I wanted to write an eloquent status update reflecting my thoughts, beliefs, and status one year on. But I am so besieged with grief, and so incapacitated by regret that I cannot. Last night I walked his last journey from Lilac Ward Tolworth Hospital to the tree. It broke me that I could walk back, […]

  • LrReview Test

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  • Qype: Chipotle in London

    London – Eating & Drinking – Restaurants – Mexican Tucked away on a corner of Baker Street usually inhabited by (infested with?) large packs of spotty teenage tourists with matching yellow rucksacks of a Saturday morning, or suited office types of a weekday lunchtime, lies London’s newest addition to the fast-growing world of _quality fast […]

  • Qype: Franco Manca in London

    London – Eating & Drinking – Restaurants – Italian & Pizza Franco Manca gets my seal of pizzapproval! I’m upping sticks and leaving my home of 7 years in Shepherd’s Bush for the far more chic, distinctly less scary, and most definitely more beautiful Chiswick. And I simply can’t want to get stuck-in to the […]

  • Qype: St Pancras International Station in London

    London – Transportation – Public Transport – Stations Okay, I admit it. I’m an anorak. I’m crazy about train stations, and when St Pancras International opened after its long-awaited refurbishment, I visited late night on a Sunday on an architectural pilgrimage with camera and tripod. I was honoured as a photographer to have one of […]

  • Qype: Sartori in London

    London – Eating & Drinking – Restaurants Sartori is a new Italian joint, opened October 2010, in the heart of the theatre district in London’s West End. I love pizza. By that, I mean I hate Pizza Sexpress, can’t stand Deep Bland Pizza, abhor Pizza Slut, can’t be arsed with Ask, and please don’t get […]