How Kerning Could Save Your Life

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As someone who buys electronic goods from China on a regular basis, I am used to looking closely at the CE logo to check how close together the letters are.

For my buying habits it doesn’t matter. I’m dealing with low-voltage stuff. The worst that could happen is a component might overheat and cause a fire in my loft space melt a bit.


It’s not that the Chinese make dangerous electronics. It’s just that they (I should be specific; “they” means the Chinese Export regulatory bodies) don’t do a great job of checking whether the electronics they do make are safe, or whether they are likely to kill you.

I’m probably splitting hairs.

Recently I bought a job lot of COB – as in “corn on the cob”, or “Chip On Board” – LED light bulbs. Gladly mine were safe by design, but as this video shows I got lucky.



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